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Seeking to build the perfect system, we merged what is best in technology, convenience of the crypto-asset universe, and high safety encryption. The insertion in the global digital financial market grows more every day.



The platform has been equipped to provide safe and fast transactions, with advanced technology and a system based on protocols for information safety, confidentiality, and data integrity.



A place fully prepared to perform transactions with crypto-assets, working as an online broker, for operations of purchase and sale of assets with safety and convenience.



The market's safest storing method, where all the transactions of the currency are registered, serving as a ledger organized in blocks, in which each new piece of information is added in the sequence of the previous one.



Its goal is the same as a regular wallet, working as a place for you to store and manage your digital assets, in a way you can store them safely, being able to transact them between other wallets.



Structured based on an algorithm calculated to work in high performance, our systems use the market's best software, ensuring safety and data protection.

Our Services

Our main service is the availability of digital currency exchange. Only here, you can buy, sell, and store your assets with total safety and the market's best benefits!

National and International transactions

Send cryptocurrencies to anywhere in the world, without the need to pay taxes.

No Chargeback

One of the benefits of crypto-assets is not having the common risk that is present in transactions with credit cards.

Digital Financial Market

Along with the technological development, more and more people are seeking to enter the digital financial market, making it expand quickly, presenting a great potential of growth in the whole world

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Who we are

We are working to take to you a new method of interacting with the market, equipped with a fully practical and functional platform, seeking to bring a new vision of the market to each client.

With Criptoteca, you have everything you need in your hands!

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To ensure your satisfaction, we will only provide the best assets in the current market.