In the following topics, we will describe how the data will be collected by Criptoteca.

    - Registration data:

    When registering at Criptoteca, the user will provide his/her personal information (full name, email, phone number, country, and password). Being able to later add Google Authenticator for the activation of 2FA, ensuring extra account protection.

    - Service usage data:

    When using the Website, App, and Platform, Criptoteca will monitor and collect usage tracking information, including date and time of access, device identification, operating system, browser type, and IP address.

    The gathering of information can be performed directly through Criptoteca as well as through third-party companies. By collecting this data, Criptoteca will help to ensure that its services are accessible on all available platforms and may also be useful during criminal investigations.

    - Transaction data:

    Information regarding transactions will be collected from all accounts, not excluding deposits, balances, transaction history, and withdrawals. The monitoring of this data is done as a measure of protection against suspicious business activities, fraud, and possible legal resolutions.


    Here, we describe the reasons why users' information is collected.

    - Provision and maintenance of services:

    Based on the data collected from users, Criptoteca will be able to provide its services as well as identify users.

    Criptoteca works to maintain protection against automated abuses such as spam, phishing, and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. The analysis of users' activities is also performed so that any suspicious behavior is detected in advance, avoiding possible fraud and losses.

    - Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations:

    One of the most important considerations for Criptoteca is the maintenance of the privacy and safety of the stored data, showing its total commitment to compliance with regulations, government requests, and user-generated queries. No information will be provided to third parties without prior analysis of a specialized team in legal cases or prior acceptance by the user.

    - Performance measurement:

    Seeking to improve its systems and actively analyze how services are used, Criptoteca is always working on various types of analysis, having teams to conduct operations with the goal of improving the performance of services, providing the best experience for the user and quickly solving problems.

    - Communication with the user:

    One of the ways of using the data collected is destined to having direct contact with the user, making it possible to personalize the service to each one in their individuality, either through a ticket or another method of communication. The lack of processing of personal information could lead to problems of identification of the user, making the service unavailable, not being able to make requests, clarification of doubts, and inquiries. It is worth noting that all forms of direct communication will be confidential and reviewed to ensure precision.

    - Compliance with the Terms:

    To ensure compliance with all Terms and Services, Criptoteca is responsible for reviewing, investigating, and preventing any and all potentially illegal or prohibited activity, creating a complete environment for the benefit of the parties.

    In cases where it is confirmed that any user is involved in activities that are not in accordance with the Terms and Services, it will be at the discretion of Criptoteca to terminate the provision of services.


    Considering the importance of user protection, Criptoteca has several specialized security systems to keep the information free of possible losses, abuses or changes, using tools such as PCI scanning, encryption technology in layers protected by sockets, pseudonymization, internal data access restrictions and strict control of physical access to buildings and files.

    Considering the risks of operations over the Internet and electronic storage methods, we emphasize that it is impossible to maintain data safety at 100%, even with all the efforts of the sector responsible for system security. Criptoteca, therefore, emphasizes the importance of each user being responsible for keeping their data individually safe.

    In case the user detects and/or suspects that his/her personal or login information is being misused or has been compromised, he/she must change his/her information immediately and contact directly Criptoteca's customer service department.


    Criptoteca has various methods of communication and will be available for those who need assistance or clarification of doubts, always having the best to ensure the satisfaction of every user. Therefore, is you have doubts or need any kind of help, the service team will be available at the link: ​​, ready to offer the best service and also providing the FAQ for consultation.